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04/16/2019 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Strategy Tester

This User Guide reviews one of our most powerful features yet, the “Strategy Tester”. The Strategy Tester allows users to backtest a single or multi-factor strategy before creating an alert to see how it has performed a specific amount of time.

A Deeper Look at Using the Strategy Tester

User Guide: Strategy Backtester

How to Use TrendSpider’s Strategy Tester

Toggle the “Strategy Tester” On

Turning on TrendSpider's Strategy Tester.

Choose Entry and Exit Criteria

Choose either exiting by “# of Candles” or create an exit script.

Choosing entry and exit criteria in TrendSpider's Strategy Tester.

Example: MACD Bullish Cross Conditions.
Example: MACD Bullish Cross Conditions.

Test Criteria and View Results

Test TrendSpider Strategy Tester criteria and view results.