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02/19/2019 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Manually Adding Trendlines and Figures

TrendSpider has been known as a charting platform that automates everything on the chart. However, to give users flexibility when using the system and to complement the automated analysis, we have created the ability to draw manual trendlines in the form of rays, vertical lines, and more! Users also now have the ability to measure moves and check statistics on price action! Learn how to use these features below!

Adding Trendlines and Creating Alerts

Click the “Draw” drop-down menu.

Adding a drawing in TrendSpider.

To create a trendline, choose from two points on either the wick or the body of the candle.

Drawing a trendline in TrendSpider.

Right-click on the trendline you would like to create an alert on and choose “Create alert at this drawing”. Choose your criteria in the alert box and click “Create Alert”.

Creating an alert at a drawing in TrendSpider.

Using the Measuring Tool

Choose the “Measure” option in the drawing menu.

Using the Measuring Tool in TrendSpider.

Choose two points at which you would like to measure such as a MACD cross or set of different signals all lining up (shown in the image above).