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02/20/2019 |

User Guide: Creating Powerful Alerts with Conditional Criteria

At TrendSpider, we take pride in our alert system we created for users to apply to trendlines and upper indicators. We are now even more excited to announce that we have increased the abilities of this system to allow for complex conditional criteria to be created. To learn more what we mean, check out the details in this blog!

Do you constantly stare at your chart waiting for all the indicators to all align? If so, this problem has come to a very quick halt. With the new conditional criterial alerts, you can input technical rules that you look for when trading and get alerted when these criteria become true. Follow this step by step guide to get your first conditional alert created today!

Creating Conditional Criteria Alerts

Step One: Click the “+” button in the alerts column.

Step Two: Add Alert details and choose between “All of the following” or “Any of the following”

Step Three: Choose from conditional criteria to create your own unique signal in which the system will alert you when all conditions become true. 

Example One:

Example Two:

Step Four: To choose conditions that may occur in other time frames, choose “expert mode”. 

Step Five: If this is a pattern you use often, make it a template by clicking the three dots next to “All of the following”. 

Step Six: If you would like to try out patterns from our library, you can test those out as well. NOTE: These are not meant to be traded on blindly and every trader should always do their DD before making any trade. 

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