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09/12/2018 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Changing Color Themes

TrendSpider is happy to announce the introduction of two new background themes for your charting needs. We believe having a variety of background colors gives users the ability to find exactly what fits their style and preferences. Some traders like dark backgrounds while other traders like the clarity of a lighter chart and more color distinction. Some old-school traders may like to go back to the “Good Ol’ Days” with our blue background chart. Check out how to change the setups below as well as what our new “Light” and “Good Ol’ Days” themed backgrounds look like.

How to Change Color Themes on the Chart

After hearing feedback from a wide variety of users, we decided it was time to provide more than one option for chart backgrounds. We understand some colors are easier to see with a lighter or different contrasted background, so we introduced both. Follow these easy steps to get started with a light or blue background today!

Step One: Move your mouse to the top right of the screen over your name and click on your name. This will cause a drop-down menu to appear. Put your mouse over the “Visual Theme” button and a list will appear. 

Changing Color Themes in TrendSpider.

Step Two: Once you move your mouse over the visual theme button, the list of three chart types will pop up. As you can see, this is the “Dark” themed background is currently on. Click whichever chart type you would like to see. 

Changing Color Themes in TrendSpider.

“Light” Theme Mode

Light theme mode gives users a clear view of the candles and trendlines for those that have trouble with darker colored backgrounds.

TrendSpider "Light" Theme Mode.

“Good Ol’ Days” Theme Mode

For those that like a more traditional look, the “Good Ol’ Days” theme is the one for you! We also have a little joke hidden inside this theme, let’s see if you can find it!

TrendSpider "Good Ol' Days" Theme Mode.

If you have any questions at all regarding the new backgrounds or lower indicators that are being introduced this week, please feel free to send an email to or request a FREE demo here.