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11/08/2018 |

TrendSpider Thursday Analysis: Airline Stocks

Every Thursday, we perform an analysis of three tickers that are looking interesting into the last two days of trading for the week. It is important to always remember using multiple time frames is the best approach to seeing the entire picture. In these videos, we see that airlines may have more room to move up based on the current chart setups both on the daily and weekly candles.

Delta Airlines (DAL): Daily vs. Weekly Chart

Video Analysis

Southwest Airlines (LUV): Daily vs. Weekly Chart

Video Analysis

United Airlines (UAL): Daily vs. Weekly Chart

Video Analysis

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REMEMBER: These are charts that have interesting technical setups based on automated technical indicator analysis included. Charts and analysis provided for educational reasons only. TRENDSPIDER IS A CHART ANALYSIS PLATFORM. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE TRADING OR INVESTING ADVICE. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE USING MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND/OR SEEK THE ADVICE OF A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TRADING OR INVESTING. Please read our full risk disclaimer on our website by clicking here.