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10/02/2018 |

Customizing Your Trendline Settings

In this week’s strategy guide blog post, we tackle head-on one of the biggest misconceptions about the TrendSpider platform, which is that the system only shows trendlines that the system is programmed to find. In reality, TrendSpider is a customizable tool and the settings on the system can be completely customizable and configured to look for trendlines however you prefer. As everyone’s trading strategy and technical analysis strategy is a little different, each trader may find their ideal settings to be slightly (or even completely) different than what we show in this video.

Customizing Your Trendline Settings

User Guide: Advanced Anaylsis Settings and Customization


In this video, we take a look at how users can switch their settings from the default settings to any customizable settings they would like. In general, when you decrease the values under “points”, the system is going to become more sensitive to finding trendlines (see when we switch to manual tuning on the new settings, the chart becomes polluted with Trendlines) and will sometimes add too many lines. However, when using these settings shown on the video, almost all relevant trendlines that appear with price channels and wedge setups will appear. As every trader is different, you may find that your settings will be different than what we go over in this video.

Trendline settings in TrendSpider.
This image shows the settings that we discussed in the video. These settings are also the ones that we use on our social media pages! Replicate any chart we have made using these settings (remember sometimes you will need to erase the irrelevant lines).