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08/23/2022 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Webhook Auto-Suggestion Added

Hello, traders! We’re happy to announce the addition of webhook auto-suggestions to the platform! Details after the jump.

Since the launch of our Trading Bots functionality, we have noticed that a good amount of user-created bots have failed due to the improper use of webhook bodies. To solve this issue, we have selected the top-3 most popular webhook providers (Slack, Discord, and Traderspost), added our new trade execution software, SignalStack, and implemented webhook body validation with auto-suggestions.

With this update, when you paste your webhook URL, we recognize the platform and automatically populate your webhook body with a minimal working example of a webhook for this particular platform. If you edit this body in a way that does not match your webhook provider’s minimal expectations, we’ll display a warning message. In addition, this warning message will contain a button that will automatically fix your webhook body.

For additional information on how to get your webhooks set up, you can access our knowledge base, which contains articles explaining how to connect to and send your webhooks via Slack, Discord, SignalStack and more.