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10/20/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: The Strat and Sequential Count Indicators Added, Equal Operator Added To Scripting

For today’s software update, we are happy to release two brand new indicators “The Strat” and “Sequential Count” (an indicator inspired by TD Sequential.) Simply add either to your chart via the indicators panel and the candle labels will appear! Along with these new indicators comes the addition of the “Equal” operation across all scripting which makes scanning for things like a 1 or inside day across your watchlist easy as a few clicks. Enjoy!

The Strat and Sequential Indicators

Most are familiar with the Sequential Count, but how about The Strat? In short, both of these indicators plot values above chart candles to identify what the specific candle represents or its place in a chain. The addition of these indicators enables traders to quickly scan for specific candles like a 2d or 9 buy count and use them when backtesting the accuracy of the candle strategy on a particular asset. Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough of each new indicator.

The Strat and Sequential Count Indicators Added in TrendSpider.

Equal Operator Added to Scripting

To accompany the new indicators, it was necessary to add an “Equal” operation to all platform scripting. This functionality allows users to take profit in a strategy when RSI = value or scan for a TD 9 buy signal across their watchlist. This new operation opens many use cases for scripting, we are excited to see what you find!

Equal Operator Added to Scripting in TrendSpider.