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06/10/2019 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Strategy Tester and User Experience Improvements

At TrendSpider, we are constantly working on adding new, useful features to our platform as well as updating and improving the ones we currently have. In this blog post, we take a look system improvements in the Strategy Tester, figures, as well as general user experience. See the difference by logging in now!

TrendSpider New Features & Improvements

1. Strategy Tester Improvements

1. Added “Alert Me Next Time This Happens” button to all conditions which are of ‘Script’ type.

2. Added “Test this strategy” in “Multi-Factor” editor.

3. Added a “Download CSV” button next to “Paint on charts”, which downloads the raw data for all trades. 

Entry date

Entry price

Exit date

Exit price

Length (candles)

Return (final change% for this position)

Max change% (during this position)

Max drawdown (min change% during this position)

2. Customize Figures

Change the color and thickness of figures.

Remove individual arrows on the Strategy Tester without removing all drawings. 


3. Control Visibility of Figures Across Multiple Timeframes

Hide figures from one timeframe when switching to another chart/timeframe.


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