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07/23/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New Session Timeframe Added, UX Upgrades

Today we are back with another Software update! First, the development team has addressed issues with daily calculated volume by creating a brand new timeframe labeled “Session”. More details on this new timeframe below. In addition, we have added various updates to improve user experience in the form of updates to chart sharing, new layout types, updates to the seasonality widget, change % added to chart key. Take some time to check them out and enjoy! We are excited to see how you use them.

New Timeframe “Session”

You will notice that we have added a new timeframe to the timeframe selection menu called “Session”. This is a special type of timeframe that dynamically adjusts to the amount of time that a particular trading session contained. It does this by “constructing” a “daily” chart from intraday candles, specifically the 30-minute timeframe. There are several reasons for this timeframe to exist. The first is to provide a more reliable “daily” candle. It is a little understood fact that exchange-provided daily candles do not always match the sum of the intraday candles provided by the same exchange. This is designed to give traders a “forest” view of the trees, if that makes any sense. The second reason for this to exist is to provide an optional more normalized set of data for traders who use the daily timeframe. This is because TrendSpider uses a hybrid data feed from NASDAQ and BATS in order to generate real-time charts. Therein, we believe that for some traders, in some situations, this new timeframe will offer a clearer, more accurate perspective than the Daily timeframe does. This timeframe also fully supports extended hours trading on equities and all other asset classes. On a FX pair, the timeframe typically equals 24 hours. On Crypto it always equals 24 hours, and on assets that trade on irregular hours, it will represent the market hours of that asset.

New "Session" timeframe in TrendSpider.

Chart Legend Will Hide in Screenshot

Tired of your indicators coving a part of price action when using the chart screenshot feature? This has now been solved! From now forward anytime you screenshot a chart with your indicator panel collapsed it will also display collapsed in your screenshot.

Hide chart legend in screenshot in TrendSpider.

New 3x Layout Added

We have added a second three-window chart layout featuring a large chart on the left as shown below.

Three-window chart layout in TrendSpider.

Updates to Seasonality Widget

Now the Seasonality widget “since” date function will try to get as close to the last date you have selected as it can.

Updates to Seasonality Widget in TrendSpider.

Change % Added to Chart Key

In the chart key section of your chart window, we have added a new label to the right of O/H/L/C “Change %”. Change % is the percentage change for the currently selected candle.

Change % Added to Chart Key in TrendSpider.