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01/31/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Price Compare Indicator and “Symbol” Input for All Lower Indicators

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to release two highly requested additions that we know you will love. Want to compare the price action of two different assets on one chart? Now you can! Want to compare a lower indicator from one asset to the price action of another? You can now do that too. More details below, enjoy!

Price Compare Indicator

In the indicator panel, you can search for a new indicator “Price Compare”. This indicator can be used to view price action from another asset along with the current asset you are viewing. First, start by adding the indicator, you will notice the current chart you are on will project its price action as a lower indicator below. Select the three dots to the right of the indicator label to open up the properties box where ANY symbol can be added. Adding $SPY like the example below will change the lower indicator price action projection to $SPY with the same time frame as the chart window you are working within.

New Price Compare Indicator in TrendSpider.

“Symbol” Input Added for Lower Indicators

To use this feature, first, add a lower indicator to your chart. In the below example we will use RSI. Once your lower indicator is added, hit the three dots on the right of the indicator label to open up the selected lower indicator property window. You will now see a new input box labeled “Current” meaning the RSI is being calculated from the “Current” asset on the chart. Put in any ticker you want the RSI to be calculated from by typing into this dialog box. In the example below, we used the RSI for the index $QQQ on the chart for $ZM.

"Symbol" Input Added for Lower Indicators in TrendSpider.

Read more about this feature on our knowledge base.