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05/13/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Polyline Drawing Tool Update

Wanting more from the Polyline drawing tool? Do you use Elliot Wave Theory in your analysis? This update is for you! Live right now, a massive update to the Polyline tool that brings with it a ton of creative ways to use it when annotating your charts.

Polyline Drawing Tool Update

From now on all of your Polylines can be configured to have labels and/or a filled area. This feature can be really useful when annotating specific market movements or using Elliott Wave Theory.

To access the Polyline properties simply right-click, select properties, and the Polyline properties window will open. Here you can customize colorway, labels, area fill, font, and input specific notes directly onto each point by separating each label using a comma.

As always, our team is curious about how you will creatively use this tool to portray your trade ideas so please, share your charts with us on Twitter!

Polyline Drawing Tool Update in TrendSpider.