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12/09/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: New Customizable Scanners Added

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to release a batch of new scanners that can be found using #sample or by searching them by name in the Market Scanner. These scans are great starting blocks when defining your strategy and can be copied and manipulated freely to fit your trading style!

Percent Move Scanner Base

In this release, we have included five base scans that could be useful as a sample when building your own scans. For example, does your strategy need the stock to be down 10% on the day? Use the conditions from the “Down 10% or more today” as an additional filter to your strategy. Each scan can be copied and the values changed freely. Below is a list of the 5 scans in this package. Have fun experimenting!

  1. Up 10% or more today
  2. Up 10% or more this week
  3. Down 10% or more this week
  4. Down 10% or more today
  5. 10% pullback after 20% rally

Five percent move base scanners added in TrendSpider.

Jake’s Volume Shelf Scan

The use of the “Volume Shelf” and TrendSpiders VBP tool has become very popular, so with the recent addition of automated anchoring for the VBP tool we were able to release detailed scan criteria that will highlight price trading within a volume shelf to find those beautiful setups in seconds vs hours. Try it on your favorite watchlist today!

Jake's Volume Shelf Scan added in TrendSpider.

URSI Squeeze

The final scanner template or customized scan delivered with this update is the URSI Squeeze. This scanner looks for contracting Bollinger bands on the Ultimate RSI indicator to find stocks that the volatility of momentum is contracting or price is squeezed. Enjoy!

URSI Squeeze scanner added in TrendSpider.