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05/05/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: MTFA for Candle Patterns Added

This week we are happy to announce an innovative update from the TrendSpider development team. Introducing Multi Timeframe Analysis for Candle Patterns. Yes, this means you can now overlay larger timeframe candlestick patterns on a lower time frame chart! We are excited to release this innovative feature and curious how you will use it to further refine your edge in the markets.

MTFA for Candle Patterns Added

Love TrendSpiders MTFA tool for analysis with indicators? You are in luck! Use MTFA on candlesticks the same way you would on indicators. Simply turn on the “Patterns” feature, select the patterns you wish to highlight, turn on the MTFA button, and choose which time frames you would like to view.

In the example below we wanted to highlight all Daily “Hammer” candle patterns but view them on the 1 Hr chart. You will see a box pop up outlining the candle pattern, in this case, a series of 1 Hr candles that made up the daily “Hammer”.


Visual Settings For Candle Patterns Added

Along with this update, we have added customization for your candlestick pattern visual highlights. To access these settings open up your indicator panel then click the 3 dots next to “Candlestick Patterns”.


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