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02/03/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Market Scanner Released

After months of hard work and testing, the team at TrendSpider would like to officially introduce the TrendSpider Market Scanner! In this blog post, we take a look at this new tool and some features that have come pre-built within. Enjoy!

TrendSpider Market Scanner

We built the Market Scanner to help you filter through a broader range of symbols, or a specific watchlist, for securities that meet specific technical requirements. Build custom scans with the same script editor as dynamic alerts and backtesting, save your scan as a dynamic watchlist that refreshes in real-time, or browse a list of pre-made scanner ideas we built for you to work from. Save time, find better trades, with the TrendSpider Market Scanner.

For an in-depth look at this tool please watch this video walkthrough from our CEO Dan Ushman.

User Guide: Market Scanner Introduction

Pre-Built Scan Index

With the addition of Market Scanner, we wanted to include some popular strategies to help you get started. A detailed outline of these scans is available here.

Spider Scans

Spider scans are experimental — but high potential — scans with a large number of conditions.

  • Bull Divergence Reversal
  • Bull Candle Reversal
  • Bullish Double Inside Breakout
  • Bearish Double Inside Breakout
  • Triple Inside Consolidation
  • Bearish Overbought Breakdown

More Pre-Built Scans

There are also more than 20 other pre-built scans covering common technical analysis strategies—and we’re adding new scans all the time.

You can easily access all of these scans using the hashtag #shared

  • Recent MACD Bull Cross
  • Recent MACD Bear Cross
  • Recent Golden Cross
  • Recent Cross of Death
  • Bullish Volume Rush
  • Bearish Volume Rush
  • Bullish Pull Back
  • Bearish Pull Back
  • RSI Breakdown
  • RSI Breakout
  • TD Sequential Bullish
  • TD Sequential Bearish
  • Price is Squeezing
  • Squeeze Breakout
  • Squeeze Breakdown
  • SMA(20) vs. EMA(50) Bullish
  • SMA(20) vs. EMA(50) Bearish
  • Upper Bollinger Band (TM) Pierce
  • Lower Bollinger Band (TM) Pierce
  • Alligator Hustle Bullish
  • Alligator Hustle Bearish
  • Blue Doji Scan (Now)
  • Blue Doji Scan (Recent)