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06/29/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Extend Right Option for Fibonacci Drawings and Horizontal Levels

At TrendSpider, we are constantly striving to improve your experience based on your feedback and input. Today we are pleased to announce a small upgrade to our Fibonacci and Horizontal Line drawing tools designed to give you more control over your charts.

Extend Right Option for Horizontal Levels

We have added a new “Extend Right” option to horizontal levels. This gives you control over whether or not your horizontal lines are extended to the right to the edge of the chart.

New Extend Right Option for Horizontal Levels in TrendSpider.

Extend Right Option for Fibonacci Drawings

Similar to Horizontal Levels, we have added the ability to control whether or not your Fibonacci’s extend all the way to the right or not. This is supported on all Fibonacci drawings, including two and three-point Fibonaccis.

New Extend Right Option for Fibonacci Drawings in TrendSpider.

As with many of our drawing tools, you can also adjust and reposition your horizontal lines and Fibonacci drawings by dragging them from the left control point and dropping where you choose. You can control width by dragging the right control point where you choose. Specific preferences can be accessed by right-clicking on the asset (line) and set your preferred options. The system will save your changes and apply them to future drawings of the same type automatically.

Everyone here at TrendSpider hopes that these two new upgrades will be a convenience that helps to take the grunt work out of charting.