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07/17/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Enhanced Seasonality, New Data In New Feed

At TrendSpider we are always working on ways to innovate new features, as well as improve upon existing ones. For today’s software update, we have released some enhancements to the Seasonality feature as well as added Benzinga’s “Breaking News Headlines” data feed to the news widget.

Seasonality Enhancements 

    1. You can now choose granularity (Time of day / Day of Week / Week of Year / Month of Year)
    2. You can now segment down to review data “Since day” (Specific date in time)
    3. Hover over the Seasonality widget to reveal raw data for each bar
    4. You can now maximize the Seasonality chart for in-depth analysis
    5. Add more than 1 Season widget in your sidebar unlocked


News Feed Widget Updated

Live now in your dashboard enjoy the addition of Benzinga “Breaking New’s” alerts. A pro feature through Benzinga offered to all TrendSpider customers for free!


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