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03/18/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Drawing to the Right Unlocked, Webhook Alert Upgrade

At TrendSpider, we are constantly working on adding new, useful features to our platform as well as updating and improving the ones we currently have. In this blog post, we take a look at new features added to both the drawing tools and webhook alerts. Enjoy!

Drawing to the Right of Price Unlocked

TrendSpider now supports all drawing tools on both past and future chart data. Yes, this means you can finally draw to the right of price action!

Drawing to the Right of Price in TrendSpider.

Webhook Alert Upgrade

New variables have been added for our webhook alerts: %last_price% and %price_action_event%. %price_action_event% is best used for break/bounce/touch kind of alerts and contains the event that has triggered the alert (break, bounce or touch).

Webhook Alert Upgrade in TrendSpider.

Text Message Support Added

TrendSpider now accepts text messages for support questions. Reach out to us anytime by sending a text message to (773)207-8870.