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08/07/2019 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Draw Your Own Fibonacci Levels!

At TrendSpider, we are constantly working on adding new, useful features to our platform as well as updating and improving the ones we currently have. In this blog post, we take a look at the much-anticipated addition of drawing manual Fib levels. Learn how to draw your own levels an then apply alerts with sensitivity areas below!

Drawing Your Own Fib Level

Make sure your drawing tool is turned on and click the dropdown menu to choose “Fib Sequence”

Choose Your Measured Move to Add Fibonacci Levels To

Select a point 1 and then point 2 at which you would like to measure a retracement or extension.

Change Colors, Levels, Change Alignment of Values, Etc.

Right-click on the Fibonacci figure and choose “Properties”

Create an Alert on Any Fib Level

Right-click on the Fibonacci figure and choose “Properties”