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07/28/2023 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Data Flow Filtering

Hello, traders, and welcome to another software update from your friends here at TrendSpider! In this update, we’re excited to bring some powerful new functionality to our Data Flow widget in the form of unlimited filtering capabilities. Details after the jump!

What Is Data Flow Filtering?

At its core, the Data Flow widget is designed to help you uncover new trading opportunities by visualizing a vast array of market-related data in one central panel. This data provides users with a real-time, or near real-time view of things like Unusual Options orders, Insider Trading, Analyst Estimates, News updates, and more. Until now, the widget has allowed for filtering by one column at a time, providing users with a valuable but broad overview.

The new unlimited filtering feature within Data Flow takes this a step further, enabling you to fully customize your widget and providing you with complete control over the data you see.

How To Access Data Flow Filters

In order the access Data Flow filters, first click on the data flow button in your top toolbar to open the widget.

This is an image of the data flow button.

Once Data Flow is open and your widgets are selected, hover over the title of any column within any widget and click on the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right-hand side.

This is an image of the three dots that allow you to access filters.

Next, select the ‘Filter’ option.

This is an image of the 'Filter' button.

Doing so will open a window like the one pictured below. Here, you’ll be able to input the specific filters you’d like to define via the ‘Add Filter’ button. Note that all columns within a widget will lead to the same filter menu for that widget. If you have multiple widgets selected, you can filter each one uniquely at the same time.

This is an image of the 'add filter' button.

Use Cases

The power of Data Flow filtering lies in its flexibility. By setting different parameters, you can customize the data flow to suit your specific needs. Here are a few examples to illustrate what you can do:

Unusual Options

In the below example, the filters being applied to the Unusual Options widget provide a list of all call orders with a minimum of $500,000 in premium that are set to expire in less than 14 days.

This is an image of how to use filtering to specify conditions for unusual options orders.

Insider Trading

In the below example, the filters being applied to the Insider Trading widget provide a list of all transactions that have occurred in the month of July in which a CEO either sold, bought, or was awarded shares worth over $1m in value.

This is an image of filters looking for CEOs moving at least 1m worth of stock.


In the below image, the filters being applied to the Earnings widget provide a list of all tickers who have had earnings during postmarket, before July 24th, and a positive surprise greater than 10%.

This is an image of filtering surprise earnings results before a particular day during postmarket.

Reordering Columns

Users can also now reorder the columns within their Data Flow widgets with the purpose of best suiting their preferred visual experience. In order to do so, simply click and drag from the column title to the location of your choosing. A dashed square will appear just below your cursor as you drag and you can move any column to anywhere within the widget that you’d like.

This image shows two unusual options widgets filtered for different conditions and with different column order.

As always, we hope you find this update helpful and, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of your chart view.