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10/18/2023 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Custom Indicator Script Sharing

Hello, traders, and welcome to another software update from your friends here at TrendSpider. In this update, we’re pleased to bring a much-requested functionality to the platform; The ability to share Custom Indicator Scripts. Details after the jump!

As many of you may know, Custom Indicator Scripting via JavaScript was recently added to the platform, allowing all users to create and utilize custom indicators. With this update, we take this functionality to the next level, offering all users the ability to now easily share their custom scripts.

How Does Sharing Work?

In order to share a script you’ve created, you must first create a link. In the image below, we see a unique script that is ready to be shared. In order to create the link, click on the three dots next to the ‘save’ button in the top right corner of your code editor and a drop-down menu will appear.

Within this drop-down menu, there will be three options. Select the ‘Share this script’ option.

This is a zoomed in image of the button used to share a custom script.

Next, you will see the image below, which allows the creator of the script to define whether or not the source code should be visible to the recipient. Creators can choose to allow or not allow subscribers to see the source code via toggling on or off the check box.

This is an image of the share script popup with 'see source code' selected.

Once you’ve defined whether or not the source code will be visible and written a description of the indicator, click ‘Share’ and a link will be created. This link is visualized in the image below.

This is an image of a link that's created to share a script.

When the recipient of a shared script opens the link to the custom script in their browser, one of two images will appear. In the below image, we see the ‘Import’ buttons, along with a sample chart and the custom code contained within the script.

Script writers should note that it is possible to simply copy the code directly from this page and paste it into the Code Editor without having to subscribe. If you’d like to avoid this, be sure to keep the ‘See the source code’ box unchecked before sharing.

This is an image of the box you see to select whether or not source code is visible.

In the below image, we see an example of a shared script that does not allow the user to access the code contained within it. All other components of the link will be the exact same.

this is an image of a script link without source code visible.
This is an image of the update and revoke public access buttons for shared indicator scripts.

Script writers who choose to share their scripts should also note that the chart image presented within the link they share will look exactly as their chart does at the time of creating the link. This includes any indicators or drawings that one might have on their chart.

This chart graphic can be edited once a link is shared via the ‘Update’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the popup. In addition, if a scriptwriter would like to suspend all users who currently have access to their script, this can be done via the ‘Revoke Public Access’ button in the bottom left-hand corner of the popup.

Your Source Code Is Protected By Industry-Standard Methods

Because custom scripts are executed in browsers, we take measures to protect your source code via several industry-standard security methods; Code minification, obfuscation, and AES-based encryption.

If you choose to publish your indicator with source code hidden/protected, this ensures that your source code cannot be readily reverse-engineered or read by another user.


Below are two examples of custom-scripted indicators that you can load into your account today and play around with!

Volume Weighted Colors

This custom indicator colors candles depending on how prominent their volume was, compared to the highest and lowest volume for the previous 30 candles. Red candles represent higher volumes, while blue candles represent lower volumes.

This is an image of the volume weighted colors custom indicator script.

Pre-Market Range

This custom indicator automatically paints the premarket range over the top of the regular session candles.

This is an image of the pre market range custom script link.

As always, we hope you find this update helpful and, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of your chart view.