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05/11/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Chart Customization Unlocked, New Drawing Tools

Another week, another large update from our development team! This week we have added support for complete visual chart customization, added a new highly requested drawing tool the “Position Tool”,  and yes, we have finally added the ability to edit the price value for the Horizontal Line annotation. Enjoy!

Position Tool Added

We are excited to announce the addition of a position drawing tool. To select this tool hover over to the drawing tools toolbar on the lefthand side of your screen. This tool is located second from the bottom or for quick access anytime use hotkey ALT+P.

The Position Tool is extremely customizable. To access its properties right-click any Position Tool drawing and then select “properties”. This will bring you to the Position Tool properties menu where you can customize color, labels, hand type in exact levels, and edit your label alignment.

Like most other drawing tools we offer, you are able to right-click and add an alert to any of the Position Tool levels.

Position Tool Added in TrendSpider.

Chart Customization Unlocked

Everyone has different styles when it comes to trading strategies or chart layout. There is no one size fit all for how to trade and there shouldn’t be for how your chart looks. So, we’ve pushed our development team to open the doors with complete visual chart customization to let YOU the users create and display your chart markups in any wild assortment of colors you can imagine.

To access this menu hit the gear icon for the chart settings in the top left-hand side of your screen. All colors are editable via HTML HEX notation (i.e., #ff00ff).

Custom Capabilities

  • Chart background-color
  • Crosshair color
  • Last price label color
  • Chart vertical padding
  • Alert label size
  • Chart axis color

Chart Customization Unlocked in TrendSpider.

Horizontal Line Price Value

Sometimes getting the Horizontal Line to the exact price level can be difficult. To speed up this process we have added a box in the Horizontal Line properties window to input the exact price you are looking for. We hope this helps!

Horizontal Line Price Value in TrendSpider.