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06/12/2019 |

TrendSpider Software Update: CBOE Indices and CME/ICE Futures Now Available

You asked, we listened! At TrendSpider, we are constantly working on adding new, useful features to our platform as well as updating and improving the ones we currently have. In this update, we have added three new market data feeds to TrendSpider, in addition to the data feeds already supported.

New Indices and Futures Data Feeds Now Available

Indices and futures data feeds are premium features and are currently only available on our Pro and Elite plans.

In order to access Futures or Index data, you will need to use the appropriate prefix. This is similar to how the “carrot” (^) symbol is required for paired assets (like Forex and Crypto.)

  • CBOE Index data. To access market indices, use the prefix $. For example “$SPX” is the symbol for the SPX index. Note: CBOE data is 15-minutes delayed. All features are supported.
  • CME and ICE Futures data. TrendSpider natively supports continuous contracts for Futures contract. You may select from the current contract or the next contract. To identify the security you wish to load, use the asterisk symbol (*) symbol between the asset and the contract. For example, “ES*1” will load the S&P E-Mini Continuous Contract 1 (current) where as “ES*2” will load the next continuous contract. Note: CME and ICE data is EOD with intraday granularity. Certain features, namely certain types of alerts, will not work correctly with this type of data feed and thus are disabled for Futures contracts. For some futures contracts, individual contracts are also available. For example, to load the Japanese Yen September 2019 contract, you could simply type YXM19. You can find all YEN contracts by simply typing YXM or YEN into the search box.
  • No Additional Cost to Customers. The addition of these new data feeds comes at no additional cost to TrendSpider customers on Pro and Elite plans. With this new data, TrendSpider’s overall coverage now encompases all US equities and ETFs, including OTC markets, NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, all CBOE Indices, all CME and ICE Futures Contracts, over 900 Forex pairs, and over 300 crypto pairs. This breadth in data allows TrendSpider customers to analyze any asset, of any class, quickly and efficiently using the best technical analysis platform available.

Where to type in the symbol in TrendSpider.

Available Index Data

We use CBOE for our index market data feed. As a result, the following indexes are available:

  • $BPVX FX British Pound VIX
  • $BXD CBOE DJIA Buywrite Index
  • $BXM CBOE S&P 500 Buywrite Index
  • $BXN CBOE Nasdaq 100 Buywrite Index
  • $CEX S&P Chemicals Index
  • $DDA DJIA VIX – Offer Side
  • $DDB DJIA VIX – Bid Side
  • $DJX Dow Jones Industrials 1/100Th
  • $DLVI Dynamic Short VIX Futures Index
  • $DSVI Dynamic Long VIX Futures Index
  • $DVS S&P 500 Dividend Index – 10X
  • $EUVX FX Euro VIX
  • $EVZ Euro FX VIX
  • $FVX 5-Year Treasury Note
  • $GVX Cboe/Comex Gold VIX
  • $GVZ Gold VIX
  • $IBHY Iboxx USD High Yield Corp Bond Index
  • $IBIG Iboxx USD Investment Grade Corp Bond Index
  • $IRX 13-Week Treasury Bill
  • $JCJ CBOE S&P 500 Correlation Index
  • $JYVX FX Yen VIX
  • $LVOL Low Volatility Index
  • $OIV Cboe/Nymex Crude Oil VIX
  • $ONE S&P 100 Index
  • $OVX Crude Oil VIX
  • $RXM CBOE S&P 500 Risk Reversal Index
  • $SKEW CBOE Skew Index
  • $SPDE S&P 500 Dynamic VIX Futures Er
  • $SPDT S&P 500 Dynamic VIX Futures TR
  • $SPVP S&P 500 VIX Enhanced Er
  • $SPVT S&P 500 VIX Enhanced TR
  • $SPX S&P 500 Index
  • $SRO S&P 500 Range Option Underlying Index
  • $SRVX CBOE Interest Rate Volatility Index
  • $TNX 10-Year Treasury Note
  • $TYVX 10-Year T-Note VIX
  • $TYX 30-Year Treasury Bond
  • $VAEM CBOE Vxeem Ask
  • $VBEM CBOE Vxeem Bid
  • $VEEM CBOE Emerging Markets ETF VIX
  • $VFMO The CBOE Far-Term Vixmo Index
  • $VFWA Vol Index First Forward Implied Volatility
  • $VFWB Vol Index Second Forward Implied Volatility
  • $VGDX CBOE Gold Miners ETF VIX
  • $VIF Far Term S&P 500 VIX
  • $VIN Near Term S&P 500 VIX
  • $VIX CBOE Volatility Index
  • $VIXY CBOE S&P 500 One Year VIX
  • $VNMO The CBOE Near-Term Vixmo Index
  • $VSTF Far-Term Vxst Index
  • $VSTN Near-Term Vxst Index
  • $VSTR SPX Variance Strip Underlier
  • $VVIX CBOE Vvix Index
  • $VWA SPX Ask – Market Volatility
  • $VWB SPX Bid – Market Volatility
  • $VXAP CBOE Apple VIX
  • $VXAZ CBOE Amazon VIX
  • $VXB Jumbo CBOE VIX
  • $VXGO CBOE Google VIX
  • $VXGS CBOE Goldman Sachs VIX
  • $VXLE CBOE Energy Sector ETF VIX
  • $VXMO The CBOE Standard Monthly Only VIX
  • $VXMT CBOE S&P 500 6-Month VIX
  • $VXN Nasdaq 100 VIX
  • $VXO S&P 100 VIX
  • $VXST CBOE S&P 500 9-Day VIX
  • $VXTH CBOE VIX Tail Hedge Index
  • $VXV S&P 500 3M VIX
  • $XEO S&P 100 Index European Style
  • $XSP S&P 500 Mini-Spx Options Index