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07/14/2020 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Analyst Insights Added, Extended Hours Drawing Enabled

Today marks another huge step forward for the TrendSpider product. Live right now in your dashboard enjoy the addition of Analyst Estimates, News, and Seasonality. We know trading is not all about technicals and are excited to integrate the two in one beautiful dashboard and grow closer to the goal of making TrendSpider a one-stop shop for all your analysis needs. Along with this feature the development team has given us a little bonus! Extended hours drawing is now available on all stocks and indices with minor limitations. Login and check out our hard work!

Analyst Insights Added

The best traders use both technical and fundamental analysis in their trading, not just one or the other. Asset Insights is a set of tools that provide quick, visual access to non-technical trading data such as analyst actions, Benzinga® news, and asset seasonality – all on your charts. Watch this video breakdown of the tool by TrenddSpider CEO Dan Ushman.

TrendSpider Asset Insights

When first arriving on your dashboard, you will notice an “Events” button to the right of the Heatmaps button. This button is used to turn analyst on-chart events visibility on and off.

Analyst Insights Added in TrendSpider.

To add Analyst Estimates, News, and Seasonality as a sidebar widget, hit the Sidebar button, then add and remove widgets, add a new widget, and then a dropdown list will appear with the above options for the particular asset in view.

Analyst Estimates, News, and Seasonality as a sidebar widget in TrendSpider.

Extended Hours Drawing Enabled

Do you watch extended hours price action? We have a treat for you! Now enjoy all of your favorite drawing tools when viewing extended hours data. This feature does come with a limitation, any figure drawn with after-hours enabled is unable to have an alert set.

Extended Hours Drawing in TrendSpider.