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11/27/2018 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Release 31

The team at TrendSpider has been working diligently to improve the functionality and speed of TrendSpider’s automated charting and dynamic alerts platform.  This new update allows users to utilize the platform quicker to be able to take advantage of shorter-term trading strategies as well as make charting UX smoother and less buggy. In this blog post, we overview everything to look for on the platform that has changed as well as a video showing the new functionality and performance of the system. 

We have updated the TrendSpider production software with new features, and as a result, you may notice some changes when using the platform this week. Below are the details of this release:

Release Name: R31


This is a maintenance release that resolves a wide range of system bugs as well as improves the overall speed and responsiveness of the platform. No new features were introduced during this release. This is a major release that covered a lot of the under-the-hood logic of the system and paves the way for some amazing new features we are about to start working on next.

Video Overview

TrendSpider Software Update - Release 31


  • Resolved over a dozen system bugs with the interface and charts.
  • Resolved ‘unidentified symbol’ errors that would sometimes come up for valid symbols.
  • Resolved a bug with the trendline lock and unlock mechanism where locked lines would disappear.
  • Resolved bugs with the Dynamic Price Alerts engine.
  • Improved speed, quality, and responsiveness of full-text symbol research.
  • Improved chart load time and data quality for major US stocks by improving data feed mechanics.
  • Reduced load-time system-wide for almost all automated analysis and chart overlay studies (less 3-dot loading screens).
  • Resolved the autozoom-out bug where the charts would zoom out automatically when you added or removed any indicator or analysis (chart zoom will now lock).
  • Resolved the Y-axis scaling issues to provide a smoother experience when removing trendlines.