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01/07/2019 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Recent Fixes and Additions in Early January

At TrendSpider, we are constantly working on adding new, useful features to our platform as well as updating and improving the ones we currently have. In this blog post, we look at fixes to a few features and a few additions to our indicators list. To get the full list of changes in early January, please continue reading.

As we continue to work on a larger launch in Q1 of 2019, we have listed the 4 main fixes/additions to our platform in early January. Please see the full details below:

1. Parabolic SAR Indicator Fixed

Parabolic SAR indicator fixed in TrendSpider.

2. Candle Pattern Labels Fixed (Full Name Shown)

Candle pattern labels fixed in TrendSpider.

3. Fibonacci Numeric Levels Color Change

Fibonacci numeric levels color change in TrendSpider.

4. New indicators Added

New indicators added in TrendSpider.