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03/04/2021 |

TrendSpider Media Recap – February 2021

Surprisingly, 2021 began with a lot of media outlets paying attention to what was happening at TrendSpider. We are happy to be recognized by so many publications and invited to speak on various live news segments. So we thought it would be a good idea to recap these appearances for our community to keep track of what going on at TrendSpider in the media..

Why GameStop could fall as much as 85% from current levels in the 2nd quarter, according to a trading-software CEOBusiness Insider

“GameStop shares will plunge to around $10-$20 a share by the second quarter of 2021, according to Dan Ushman, founder and chief executive officer of TrendSpider, a trading-software company.

Ushman said he believes the price of GameStop will fall by 85%, returning “to where it was before the insanity began.” TrendSpider is known for providing comprehensive charting software that features automated technical analysis.”

“I believe this was a carefully orchestrated pump by a large hedge fund,” Ushman told Insider.”

Robinhood’s CEO Receives Mixed Reviews For Congressional Testimony About App’s Role In GameStop SagaForbes

Dan Ushman is the CEO and founder of TrendSpider, a technical analysis software for professional and retail traders. He thought Tenev, “… did a pretty decent job overall. He was faced with a lot of pressure from politicians who seemed to lack a full understanding of trading in some cases… and trading is very complex, there are a lot of nuances and intricacies, moving parts and rules.”

Disney+ Has 95M Subs, But a Heavy Shoe Is Waiting to DropObserver

“I think once the parks open back up, revenue will begin to skyrocket,” Jake Wujastyk, founding member and chief market analyst at TrendSpider, told Observer. “However, with the increase in revenue from parks open, that may slow down growth on the Disney+ side of things as people start to stay at home less and venture back into the public.”

How Would The ‘Chinese New Year’ Affect The Price of Bitcoin?8BTC

“Incidentally, the recent bull-run and retracement has come at a season that has repeatedly had an effect in the Bitcoin price, the Chinese New Year, as mentioned above. While some analysts believe and expect that Bitcoin price will follow the trend of previous years, Jake Wujastyk, Chief Market Analyst at TrendSpider sees things differently. According to him, the idea of Bitcoin price slumping as a result of the Chinese New Year celebration is simply “a fabricated attribution”. Jakes notes that it is only natural for Bitcoin price to retrace after a huge run-up.”

GameStop Stock Surges Again as the Meme Stock Saga Rages On – Cheddar

“Gamestop stock is again soaring, this time without a ‘Roaring Kitty’ Reddit push. The stock up drastically today, as investors poured into the brick and mortar retailer despite a C-suite shakeup. Jake Wujastyk, Chief Market Analyst at TrendSpider joined Cheddar to discuss the most recent surge.”