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05/12/2021 |

TrendSpider Media Recap – April 2021

April was filled with heart-stopping price action, history-making all-time highs, and an earnings reports season with so little red that the sharks had no choice but to become Vegans. All this combined with mixed economic data had most looking for answers to what was to come next. TrendSpider’s CEO, Dan Ushman, and Chief Market Analyst, Jake Wujastyk were called into action to help make sense of the “Month That Will Not Be Forgotten”.

Elon Musk Likes Having Bitcoin on Tesla’s Balance Sheet; Should You? – TheStreet

“I genuinely believe Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are looking at bitcoin as a store of value, a hedge against inflation due to all the currency that’s been printed recently, and they understand the space well,” said Dan Ushman, CEO of market analysis provider Trendspider. “But I think it gets shady elsewhere, in companies like Phunware.”

Netflix Q1 Earnings Come in Well Below Expectations, Thanks to COVID – Observer

“Netflix has had trouble moving higher the following week after earnings over the last year and a half,” Jake Wujastyk, Chief Market Analyst at TrendSpider, told Observer. “Out of the 6 earnings that have occurred since November of 2019, the price for the following week after earnings has always hit a lower low than the week of earnings OR has closed red compared to the week of earnings. Looking ahead, Netflix projects paid net additions of just 1 million within the United States and Canada and Latin America regions in Q2.

Newest Reddit sensation MicroVision is living both sides of that meme-stock life – MarketWatch

But for Jake Wujastyk, chief market analyst at TrendSpider, MicroVision’s up-and-down adventure is just part of the journey for the stock as it makes the transition from “penny” to “meme.”

“Stocks like this move big,” said Wujastyk. “Big to the upside, big to the downside. As soon as the sentiment changes a little, the price changes a lot.”

7 Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Now  – U.S. News

Probably no list of influential infrastructure-related companies would be complete without listing this large manufacturer of heavy construction equipment. “While they are not the only name to manufacture such equipment, they are one of the few American ones, which will help them win contracts backed by government funds,” says Dan Ushman, CEO of TrendSpider. Arnold also likes Caterpillar, but he has a “hold” rating on the stock instead of a “buy” because he says a lot of positives have already been priced into the stock amid a bullish outlook for construction, mining, and the oil industry. For him to rate the stock as a buy, he would want to see a more attractive valuation. Ushman says that point may come soon. “The historical seasonality profile suggests that May might be a weaker month for the name, which may provide buying opportunities for those looking for a longer-term investment,” he says.