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06/25/2021 |

TrendSpider in Nasdaq: Bitcoin Versus GameStop

Nasdaq reached out to TrendSpider’s Founder and CEO, Dan Ushman, for his thoughts on the recent price flow of GameStop and Bitcoin. Read below for his thoughts on the overall price action as well as here for the full article.

Since the start of 2021 GameStop ($GME) has soared 1000%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, while peaking over 100% earlier this year, has settled around a less impressive 20%. However, there is still quite a large conversation around these two markets. “If there is a correlation, it relates to the nature of the investors that buy Bitcoin and GameStop who are similar: younger, technologically savvy folks,” said Dan Ushman, TrendSpider Founder and CEO, on a recent piece published on Nasdaq, “[But] I do not see that as being meaningful enough in terms of sheer volume to really move the price of either asset.”

Comparison chart of $GME and $BTC shares traded.