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08/01/2022 |

TrendSpider Announcement: New Discord Server

Hello, traders, and welcome to a very special announcement from your friends at TrendSpider: Details after the jump!

This is an image of the TrendSpider and Discord logos.

For some time now, many of our users have requested a place for the TrendSpider User Community to congregate.

A place where users could share chart or trade ideas, general market sentiment, scanner templates, theme colorways, and more. Simply, a singular place where users can go to get to know each other and potentially learn a thing or two.

Well, we’re happy to announce that we now offer a brand spanking new TrendSpider Discord channel.

What this discord will become is really up to you, but we hope that it can be the central hub for the amazing community of traders we’re so fortunate to have utilizing the platform day in and day out.

Feel free to join, and once you’re there, make yourself at home. Get to know your fellow TrendSpider users and share your market ideas with the community!

This image contains a link to join our Discord.