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08/24/2022 |

TrendSpider Announcement: New Chrome Extension

Hello, Traders! We’re very excited to announce an incredible new functionality tool that we’ve just added to the platform: The all-new TrendSpider Chrome Extension! Details after the jump!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling social media, reading posts from other traders or investors talking about a particular stock that you own or are interested in, and then immediately jumping over to your TrendSpider account to check the chart? We don’t know about you, but this happens to us all the time.

Though it’s easy enough to jump over to our account, sometimes time does just not permit it. This got us thinking: Why not create a solution? So, we did.

Introducing the all-new TrendSpider Chrome Extension. very simple, yet very effective tool that can crawl across any webpage you are surfing on the internet, including your social media feed, and highlight all the tickers mentioned in it so that you can easily identify them and hover your cursor over any of the highlighted symbols to instantly view its corresponding trading chart (directly fetched from TrendSpider) within the webpage itself.

In order to enable this functionality, simply:

☑️ Download and enable the extension while browsing through a webpage
☑️ Hover your cursor over any of the symbols highlighted by the extension
☑️ View the corresponding trading chart without leaving the webpage

In order to download the extension, simply visit the Chrome Web Store, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and you’ll be off to the races!

If you need some assistance in downloading the Chrome extension, we’ve got you covered. You can learn all about how to do that right here.

In addition, our Founder, Dan Ushman, has made this quick video tutorial explaining how the tool works.

TrendSpider Chrome Companion Extension BETA

As is true for all of the tools we develop, this extension has been designed to help with efficiency when scanning for ideas, as well as to make your trading become more a part of how you use the web, in general. We hope you find it useful!