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09/25/2020 |

Trader’s Bill of Rights: Treating Traders With the Respect They Have Earned and Deserve

Trading is hard enough.

Your trading platform working as expected should be the last thing you worry about. 

These are our promises to you.

Transparency Promise

TrendSpider takes the trust of our customers very seriously. This policy exists to provide guidelines and information to customers about how TrendSpider will handle outages —but it is worthless without transparency. TrendSpider commits to post any system-impacting service issues to our status website found at

System Reliability Promise

If the TrendSpider system experiences an unplanned (not previously announced system maintenance) for any amount of time, you are entitled to a credit on your TrendSpider account equal to a percentage of your monthly subscription rate. 

LDowntime Credit Rate
1Anything over 0%, up to 1% of month10% (15% if during NYSE hours)
2Up to 2% of month20% (30% if during NYSE hours)
3Up to 3% of month30% (45% if during NYSE hours)
4More than 3%50% (75% if during NYSE hours)

Service Promise

We strive to provide a service level unlike any other trading platform provider. During NYSE hours, in most cases we will respond to email and chat messages in minutes, and pick up phone calls within just a few rings. While we cannot promise that we won’t get overwhelmed from time to time, we strive to staff and plan to ensure this level of service at all times for all customers.

Defining Downtime and Uptime

TrendSpider defines uptime as the general availability of the TrendSpider platform in a manner in which it is usable by customers in the regular course of business. This means the system is online, loads, and functions properly. Buttons work. Charts load. Live data streams. Alerts go off. Backtests process. Scanners scan. 

TrendSpider defines downtime as a period of time from this which degrades service quality to a level where users are no longer able to use the system as normal is considered a period of downtime. Downtime percentage is calculated by taking the total number of minutes in a month and dividing it into the total number of minutes that the system was unavailable. If more than 50% of the time the system was down occurred during market hours, enhanced credits will apply (50% above regular credits.) Credits can be used for future service renewals with TrendSpider, but are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance does not count as an outage, provided the maintenance window was posted to the Status Website 3 or more hours before the downtime occurred. Scheduled maintenance will never be scheduled during market hours unless there is an emergency reason for it. Scheduled maintenance performed in compliance with this provision is exempted from this policy and is excluded from the downtime calculation.

Calculating Credits

Each customer can receive one downtime credit per instance of downtime. The credit is calculated by taking the amount of money that the customer pays TrendSpider for service in that given month and multiplying it by the Credit Rate. For example, if you pay $120 per month for your TrendSpider Master account and the system experiences a Level 2 outage during NYSE trading hours, you are entitled to a credit of 30% (20% normal credit + 10% bonus credit) for the month. This means you will receive a credit for $36 which will then reduce your invoice the following month. Under no circumstances shall the sum of credits issued in any given month exceed the total amount of money paid for service during that same month. Yearly payments will be prorated by month by dividing the yearly total by 12 to calculate the Monthly Rate before calculating the credit. 

To learn more about this reliability pledge, please visit the Trader’s Bill of Rights webpage.