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02/28/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit Show With The Wolf Of All Streets And Ben From PatternProfits

This week for episode 8, we were happy to welcome Scott Melker, “The Wolf of All Streets” and Ben Bennett from “Pattern Profits” on for the show. Scott, an Ex-DJ, who is now spinning crypto trading into impressive profits, joined our “Talking With Traders” segment with Dan. Scott shared some his insightful experiences as a trader from what got him into the markets to his a 200K+ strong community on Twitter. Scott and Dan talked about many of the pitfalls new traders face and how to better avoid them; with a few special picks from The Wolf.

“Talking With Traders” is followed by our “Review of the Broad Markets” and some insights to prepare you for trading week to come. 

Up Next, segment 3, “The Watchlist” with Ben from “Pattern Profits”. Ben who is a proponent of William O’Neil’s growth strategy and has taken the method a step further with applied technical knowledge, is a familiar guest on the STP Show. Ben has established himself as one of the top independent traders in the industry today. Ben and Jake deep dived into the fundamentals and TA of a few hot stocks which are on their radar into Q2.  

To wrap things up,  the community “Chart Requests”, where Jake reviewed some of the favorite stock/crypto charts that our followers love.

Thanks for joining!


This Weeks Segments

  • Talking with Traders
  • Broad Market Recap
  • Watchlist
  • Weekend Chart Requests

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