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03/28/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit – With Steve Burns and Scott Redler

This week’s guests were Steve Burns and Scott Redler.

The Stock Trading Pit Show - With Steve Burns and Scott Redler

Show Notes

In segment 1, “Talking With Traders”, Steve brought his wealth of trading experience and parted with some useful advice from his 30 years in the markets which will help traders of all levels to fine-tune their skills. Steve, the author of numerous books on trading (The most recent, The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns), has mentored hundreds of aspiring traders through his “New Trader U” website.

“Talking With Traders” was followed by our “Review of the Broad Markets” and insights on the trading week to come.

In segment 3, “The Watchlist”, Scott Redler, joined us for the technical analysis portion of the show to deep dive into a few choice stocks and the methods/indicators applied to determine if they are winners or L’s. Scott is an executive at the T3 consortium which was founded by experienced traders who aid its members in achieving success in the markets through education or tempered financial advice.

To wrap things up, we moved on to the community “Chart Requests” where we reviewed some of the favorite stock/crypto charts that our followers love.

Thanks for joining us!

This Week’s Segments

Talking with Traders: Back-Testing, S/EMA Crossovers, Surviving Stop-outs
Broad Market Recap: $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $DIA, $BTC
The Watchlist: Accelerated Trends, Upside Triggers, Entry Signals
Weekend Chart Requests: $NIO, $X, $BA, $ARKK, $PENN


Recommend Reading

  • The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns
  • Moving Averages 101: Incredible Signals That Will Make You Money