03/07/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit Show With Rob Smith (The STRAT) And Jack From Alphacharts365

This week for episode 9, we welcomed Rob Smith and Jack from Alphacharts365. Jack, a chartists of all things stock and crypto, has made a name for himself with the profitable chart setups he shares with his growing (27K+) twitter community and discussed how he got into charting with Dan on the “Talking With Traders” segment. 

“Talking With Traders” was followed by our “Review of the Broad Markets” which offered some useful insights on the trading week. 

In segment 3, “The Watchlist”, Rob Smith parted with a few of his favorite stock/crypto picks for our viewers with Jake. Rob who pioneered “The Strat” method, which is steadily becoming a part of the trading cadence for many, showed us how the “Strat” works on these profit-making setups. 

To wrap things up, we moved on to the community “Chart Requests” for our final episode, where we reviewed some of the favorite stock/crypto charts that our followers love.

Thanks for joining us!


This Weeks Segments

  • Talking with Traders
  • Broad Market Recap
  • Watchlist
  • Weekend Chart Requests

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