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03/21/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit – With Peter Hegedus and Brian Shannon

Welcome to The Stock Trading Pit Show! This week we had guests Peter Hegedus and Brian Shannon on for episode 11!

The Stock Trading Pit Show - With Brian Shannon and Peter Hegedus

Show Notes

In segment 1, “Talking With Traders”, Peter and Dan caught up to discuss new market dynamics and personal experiences that helped to shape them as traders. Peter is the co-founder of “The Traders Path” trading education service which has been providing trading advice and stock picks via his weekly “Masterlist” to the trading community for many years.

“Talking With Traders” was followed by our “Review of the Broad Markets” and insights on the trading week to come for a head start.

In segment 3, “Finding An Edge”, Brian Shannon, known as “one of the best indie traders in the business”, rolled up his sleeves and got down to what he does best, analyzing high probability trades with Jake. Brian has perfected a “multiple time frame” technique from which he uses the 5 min, 15 min, 30 min,…..the daily, and the weekly charts all open at once to spot microtrends to enter profitable trades; and teaches this method in his educational AlphaTrends trading room.

To wrap things up, we closed with the community “Chart Requests” where we reviewed some of the favorite stock/crypto charts that our followers love.

Thanks for joining us!

This Week’s Segments

  • Talking with Traders
  • Broad Market Recap
  • Finding An Edge
  • Weekend Chart Requests


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