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07/19/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit – With Izzy and Austin Silver

This week we had two very special guests; Izzy and Austin Silver.

The Stock Trading Pit Show - With Izzy and Austin Silver

Show Notes

Segment 1, Talking With Traders, started off with Izzy (one of the growing number of women who have mastered the trade) with TrendSpider’s CEO; Dan Ushman. Izzy and Dan got into what it takes to become a profitable trader via their experiences and knowledge in the markets. Ms. Izzy and her 10+ years of trading experience in options / micro caps is well respected in the community and someone who traders of all skill levels should want to hear from.

The Broad Market Review was up next with Jake Wujastyk (TrendSpider’s Chief Market Analyst); who shared an in-depth technical forecast on major ETFs and cryptos to help you prepare for the week to come.

Next was segment 2, the Watchlist with Austin Silver. During this segment, Austin shared his technical analysis on a few gems from his watchlist for you to decide if they are ones you need to be in. Austin is well respected for his style of trading which combines TA with a close eye on fundamentals and market conditions. Austin has been instructing many new traders on his profitable method of trading via his educational portal:

We closed out Episode 7 with Community Chart Requests, where we looked at the good and the bad of the stocks/cryptos you voted for.