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03/14/2021 |

The Stock Trading Pit – With Hugh Henne and Mike Pisani (Options Mike)

Welcome to Episode 10 of “The Stock Trading Pit Show”! This episode’s guests were Hugh Henne and Mike Pisani (OptionsMike).

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Show Notes

In segment 1, “Talking With Traders”, Mike and Dan sat down for an insightful chat on their trading experiences and insights on market dynamics. OptionsMike hosts the very popular trading room, “Smart Options Trading”, which has been a resource for many traders over the years.

“Talking With Traders” is followed by our “Review of the Broad Markets” for insights on the trading week to come.

In segment 3, “Finding An Edge”, Hugh Henne, a self-made millionaire at the young age of 21, talked trading strategies and useful indicators that are the source of his success in the markets with Jake. Hugh, who also hosts the podcast “Pennies: Going in Raw”, is much respected in the Twitter trading community, which makes the stock tips and trading methods he shared with us much welcomed.

To wrap things up, we moved on to the community “Chart Requests” where we reviewed some of the favorite stock/crypto charts that our followers love.

This Week’s Segments

  • Talking with Traders
  • Broad Market Recap
  • Finding An Edge
  • Weekend Chart Requests