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06/05/2024 |

The New Texas Stock Exchange: What You Need To Know

This is an image of the Texas Stock Exchange logo.

TXSE Group Secures Funding for New Exchange

TXSE Group, backed by financial giants BlackRock and Citadel Securities, plans to launch the Texas Stock Exchange in Dallas, as announced on Wednesday. The exchange has raised approximately $120 million and will file registration documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission later this year. The move comes as major U.S. indices like the NYSE and Nasdaq are overwhelmed by a surge of companies looking to list their stocks. TXSE aims to capitalize on these market dynamics to offer a competitive alternative.

Addressing Market Changes and Compliance Costs

James Lee, founder and CEO of TXSE Group, highlighted that changes in equities trading markets are driving more volume to exchanges and providing more choices for issuers and sponsors. TXSE aims to attract listings of exchange-traded products and challenge the increasing compliance costs at Nasdaq and NYSE, including newer rules like board diversity targets. The exchange seeks to provide a more cost-effective and efficient listing option for companies. This initiative reflects a broader trend towards more sustainable and investor-friendly market practices.

Promoting Competition and Market Reliability

TXSE plans to enhance competition around quote activity, liquidity, and transparency, ultimately benefiting investors, global issuers, and liquidity providers. The exchange is set to compete for both primary and dual listings, with operations expected to start in 2025 and the first listings in 2026. Lee emphasized that TXSE will contribute to creating more consistent and reliable markets. This new entrant into the stock exchange landscape is poised to challenge existing norms and foster a more dynamic trading environment.