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01/23/2024 |

The Insider Edge Is Now Yours With Insider Actions

Hello, traders, and welcome to another custom indicator announcement from your friends here at TrendSpider! This time around, we’re pleased to introduce the all-new Insider Actions indicator! Details after the jump.

This is the cover image for the insider actions blog post.
Few know more about the inner workings of a stock than its insiders. People like the CEO, CFO, and Directors are privy to information before the public and that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on their trades at all times. Enter the all-new ‘Insider Actions’ indicator, which automatically paints all insider transactions directly onto the chart so that you never miss an important insider trade again.

Importing The Indicator

The Insider Actions indicator is a custom indicator that can be added to your charts simply by subscribing to it. When you click this link, a new browser tab will open and you’ll see an image like the one below. Click ‘Login & Import’.

This is an image of the screen you'll see when you go to download the new insider actions indicator. Click 'login and import' to add it to your account.

After clicking ‘Login & Import’, you’ll be shown the below image. Here, click the ‘Subscribe’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.

This is an image of the subscribe screen you'll see when you choose to login and import the new insider actions indicator.

Once subscribed, you can load the Insider Actions indicator onto your charts via the ‘Indicators’ button. Just type in ‘Insider’ in the search bar, select it, and then hit ‘Apply’.

This is an image that shows the Insider Actions indicator within the indicator list.

Using Insider Action Information

There are many ways to utilize Insider Action information, from following the pack to fading traders with historically bad reads! Let’s dig into a few examples.

Following The Pack

As they say, insiders sell for many reasons but they only buy for one; because they think the stock is going to increase in price. In rare instances, you’ll find charts like the one pictured below, where an influx of insider buying comes in around the same time. This particular occurrence is rare and noteworthy.

This is a weekly chart of AKAM showing an influx of insider buying at multi year lows.

Bottom Snipers

In other cases, you might find individuals who have a panache for sniping bottoms. Utilize the Insider Trading widget to identify these market wizards and keep an eye out for their next move. We’ve got some serious knife catchers in the charts below.

This is an image of insiders from multiple different companies managing to buy the lows before big moves higher.

Institutional Support or Resistance Levels

Sometimes, influential investors will show their hand by building out positions at important levels, as we’ve seen from Warren Buffet’s position in OXY over the past year. Traders might decide to utilize these areas as risk on/risk off spots to take trades.

This is a daily chart of OXY that shows all of Berkshire Hathaway's recent buys over the last year.

Top Callers

We know that insiders sell for many reasons, but on occasion, we find insiders who are particularly good at calling tops. Much like the bottom callers, these insiders can be followed via the Insider Trading widget.

This is an image of a CVNA insider who managed to sell the top twice in a row.

Insiders With Bad Reads

Sometimes insiders just flat out get it wrong. We suggest to avoid following the insiders in the chart below!

This is an image of a BA insider who bought the top before a huge move lower.

A Note To Developers

As with all of the custom indicators we release, we’ve opened up the code so that you can play around with it and create your own iterations on this idea. We encourage you to get creative, like this script, which tracks the buying and selling of ALL airline insiders and paints those actions on the JETS chart.

This is a daily chart of JETS with insiders actions from all the major airlines painted on top of it..
If you create something fun or interesting, we encourage you to share your creations with our trader community in the Official TrendSpider Discord Server!

As always, we hope you find this indicator useful. If you’d like to know more about the data behind Insider Actions, have a read through this blog post. If you have any questions, reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom right corner of your chart view.