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Guest Post by Trader Stewie: Using Smaller Timeframes to Unlock Hidden Patterns

This guest post was adapted from a private, members-only update that Trader Stewie from the Art of Trading shared with his subscribers. This is his perspective on using multiple timeframes to identify trends that you might otherwise miss, specifically why dropping […]

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Why Eyeballing Charts for Trend Lines is Disadvantageous

One of our ads has a headline that basically says: “Humans suck at drawing trend lines.” And this ad in particular has caused a bit of a stir on social media, so we thought that it would make sense to […]

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Trading Psychology Series: All About FOMO and the Dunning Kruger Effect

Today we’re going to talk about trader psychology and FOMO… that thing we dread but sometimes trade on anyway for reasons we can’t explain, only to realize it later. You know, that thing!

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