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TrendSpider Strategy Guide: Trading the Price Channel

When it comes to trading, one of the most common strategies traders implement is simply trading between support and resistance areas created by previous volatility in the price of a stock. There are many different types of channels to trade […]

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TrendSpider Strategy Guide: Trading Wedge Formations

When it comes to trading, a huge piece of figuring out the puzzle is being able to identify simple patterns and have the knowledge of what their general sentiment is (i.e. Bullish or bearish setup). One of the main patterns […]

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Trading the Bollinger Bands (R): How to use multiple Time frames

When it comes to technical trading, few people have an impact big enough for their name to become part of the lexicon of the industry, but John Bollinger is one such person. A long-time market technician, John Bollinger started looking […]

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TrendSpider Strategy Guide: Multi-Timeframe Analysis with Trendlines

In this TrendSpider Strategy Guide issue, we will be covering one of the core strategies that TrendSpider enables and one of the most popular ways to use the system: Using Automated Trendline Detection with Multi-Timeframe Analysis. 

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TrendSpider User Guide: Truth Analysis Line

At TrendSpider, we work hard to make sure everything about our automated analysis is transparent to our customers. One of the ways we do this is through our newly released “Truth in Analysis” Line, which was previously informally known as […]

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Best Practices: Our Recommended TrendSpider Workflow for Traders to Scan for Trade Opportunities

TrendSpider is an incredibly flexible tool that can be used on any timeframe chart to identify key price levels, trendlines, indicators, support & resistance zones, chart breakouts & breakdowns, and more, automatically. But how do you put it to work […]

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Why Eyeballing Charts for Trend Lines is Disadvantageous

One of our ads has a headline that basically says: “Humans suck at drawing trend lines.” And this ad in particular has caused a bit of a stir on social media, so we thought that it would make sense to […]

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