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02/29/2020 |

Market Update Into 3/2: The Much Needed Correction

In this weekend blog post, we look at the broad markets taking a HUGE step back after quite the move over the last few months. Is this just a blip on the radar or something bigger? Make sure to check out our Sunday Chart Show this weekend at 6PM EST with Nick Giannotti (BullTradeFinder) as our guest!

TrendSpider Sunday Chart Show, Sunday, 03/01/2020, at 6 PM EST.

Miss the show? Watch now on YouTube.

$SPY: Weekly Chart

$SPY weekly chart.

$QQQ: Monthly Chart

$QQQ monthly chart.

$IWM: Monthly Chart

$IWM monthly chart.

$VIX: Daily Chart Backtest

$VIX daily chart backtest.

BEFORE & AFTER: $CGC 65-Minute Candle Bounce to Anchored VWAP

Before and after charts: $CGC 65-minute candle bounce to Anchored VWAP.