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02/22/2020 |

Market Update Into 2/25: Broad Markets Take a Step Back

In this weekend blog post, we look at the broad markets taking a step back after quite the move over the last few months. Is this just a blip on the radar or something bigger? Make sure to check out our Sunday Chart Show this weekend at 6 PM EST with Market Chameleon as our guest!

TrendSpider Sunday Chart Show, Sunday, 02/23/2020, at 6 PM EST.

Miss the show? Watch now on YouTube.

$SPY: Daily Chart

$SPY daily chart.

$QQQ: Monthly Chart

$QQQ monthly chart.

$IWM: Monthly Chart

$IWM monthly chart.

BEFORE & AFTER: $CGC 65-Minute Candle Bounce to Anchored VWAP

Before and after charts: $CGC 65-minute candle bounce to Anchored VWAP.