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11/04/2018 |

Sunday Update for Week of November 5th – FANG Updates

A prepared trader is a profitable trader, and Sunday is a great day to get ready for the week ahead by studying up from last week’s price action. This weekend, we take a look at FANG stocks after the hard correction this October. To get a full week-by-week analysis of the broad markets in October, check out our Halloween SPY recap here!

Facebook (FB): Daily vs. Weekly

Video Analysis

Amazon (AMZN): Daily vs. Weekly

Video Analysis

Netflix (NFLX): Daily vs. Weekly 

Video Analysis

Google (GOOG): Daily vs. Weekly

Video Analysis

Before and After: SPY

In this weekend’s “Before and After”, we take a look at how the TrendSpider alert system and multi-timeframe analysis were utilized last week on the SPY chart. Click here to read more about how to get dynamic alerts set up on both indicators and trendlines. 


  1. An alert was set up above the price action which was the previous level of support now acting as resistance above. This trendline coincided almost perfectly with the 50-week EMA shown by the yellow dotted line.
  2. The daily RIS was crossing through the weekly RSI showing momentum was starting to gain.
  3. The %R also showed the daily crossing through the weekly which confirmed that momentum was gaining strength to the upside.
  4. The MACD started curling to the upside for a second time after a failed attempt the previous bounce.


  1. The price bounced off the 50-week EMA and the trendline resistance perfectly.
  2. The daily RSI continued to move through the weekly RSI showing momentum continuing up.
  3. The daily %R continued to move up through the weekly and past the previous high on the dead cat bounce in mid-October
  4. The MACD continued to get closer and closer to crossing to the upside with the fast (blue) nearing the slow (yellow).

TrendSpider Text Alert Triggered:

Timestamps Captured This Week:





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REMEMBER: These are charts that have interesting technical setups based on automated technical indicator analysis included. Charts and analysis provided for educational reasons only. TRENDSPIDER IS A CHART ANALYSIS PLATFORM. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE TRADING OR INVESTING ADVICE. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE USING MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND/OR SEEK THE ADVICE OF A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TRADING OR INVESTING. Please read our full risk disclaimer on our website by clicking here.