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08/28/2018 |

Ways to Utilize the TrendSpider Platform

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but here it is again: there is no surefire way to win every time when trading in the markets. That said, if there is just one thing that really separates successful traders from the less successful ones, it’s having a concrete strategy. Here are five interesting and unique trading and analysis strategies that are enabled by TrendSpider’s technology.

Strategy #1: Multi-Timeframe Trading: Single Chart, Multiple Timeframes of Data

Use a single chart to view trendlines from multiple timeframes in order to expose long-term trends that short-term traders generally miss. Use a multiple chart layout to view up to 8 timeframes of trendline data at once. Create alerts on any trendline from any timeframe to nudge you right when your trades are setting up. This game-changing feature allows you to see the forest and the trees at the same time, and react to relevant price movements in a timely way without the eyestrain. Click Here to Read More

TrendSpider's multiple chart layout to view up to 8 timeframes of trendline data at once.

Strategy #2: Trading Automatically Identified Wedge Formations

Use TrendSpider’s automated trendline detection to identify powerful wedge formations. This unique strategy is great for identifying quick and calculated range trades, as well as useful for breakout traders. Take a look at how TrendSpider assists in this process by using smart algorithms to quickly and readily detect trendlines on any chart. Pro tip: combine this functionality with Multi-Timeframe analysis to add a whole new layer of depth to your chart patternsClick Here to Read More

TrendSpider's automated trendline detection identifying a powerful wedge formation.

Strategy #3: A Classic with a Twist: Bollinger Bands (R) + Multi-Timeframe Analysis

In this article, we start with a look at who John Bollinger is and what caused him to create the Bollinger Bands (R). Then we move on to focus on different Bollinger Band (R) trading strategies, including Multi-Timeframe analysis with Bollinger Bands (R). This is an incredibly useful charting method that often provides clear signals. Click Here to Read More

TrendSpider chart combining Bollinger Bands and Multi-Timeframe Analysis.

Strategy #4: Identifying Trading Ranges: Trading the Price Channel

A look at how range traders utilize support and resistance areas, identified with TrendSpider’s algorithms in the form of trendlines, to form tradable price channels. This article covers a range of approaches (haha, pun intended) as well as highlights the importance of watching channels on multiple timeframes. Click Here to Read More

Before and after charts showing a price channel created by TrendSpider's automated trendline detection.

Strategy #5: Long-Term Swing Confirmation Setups

On balance, a longer-term swing trader approach can decrease the chances of over-trading and allow price cycles to fully materialize naturally, cutting out some of the noise. However, because these trades take longer, and generally involve volatile assets purchased at opportune times, they can be risky.  Finding confirmation when swing trading is key. TrendSpider makes this easier by automating a wide range of analysis techniques so that you can evaluate opportunities faster without doing as much of the grunt work yourself. This blog post takes a look at some examples of confirmations to watch for that can be revealed by automated analysis. Click Here to Read More

TrendSpider chart timestamp: "$IDEX EMA crossing the SMA here. Looking very strong $STUDY MA crosses! @AC_TRADER".