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07/26/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Earnings and Splits Data Upgrade

Good afternoon! Today we are back with another update, this time for our Analyst Insight data stream. We have upgraded this stream to provide an enterprise-grade experience for Earnings, Dividened, and Equity Split data. Earnings markers also now show “surprise data” for most symbols.

Analyst surprise data will be available for any symbol which has had analyst research performed and reported. Currently, the feature is “display only” for you to enjoy while we prepare to add it to our scanner scripting function. 

Adding the Analyst (Surprise) Data to Your Charts

  1. Select the “Events” tab from the top of your charts, then click on the “3 dots “to the right, and check the “earnings” box.
  2. You will now see an “E” box at the bottom of your chart, marking when earnings are scheduled to be reported. All earnings information will be viewable on the date of reporting from this box and past information by hovering over the “E” box with your mouse.
  3. You can customize the look, data type, and position of the “E” box by expanding the indicator list and clicking on the “3 dots” next to “earnings” to open the preference options.
  4. If you choose “Format: Full” in your earnings display settings, then you will see an S* mark on the labels: S+ for cases when the surprise is positive, S- when it’s negative, and S= when it’s zero.

Adding the Analyst (Surprise) Data to Your Charts in TrendSpider.

Format Display “Full”

"Format Display: Full" earnings display settings in TrendSpider.

Format Display “Standard”

"Format Display: Standard" earnings display settings in TrendSpider.

Format Display “Short”

"Format Display: Short" earnings display settings in TrendSpider.

Of Note…

For every symbol, the accounting method used to calculate the EPS is different (this is noted as the “Type” when hovering over the “Earning” box on the chart). The reason why the method differs across all (most) the tickers is that for every ticker we’re using the method which makes the analyst expectations and reality more comparable to each other; as different analysts use different methods for their predictions.

We are very happy to bring this “quality of data” upgrade to the platform to give everyone an additional edge in their trading. Having quick access to surprise earnings data can make a significant difference in profitability over time and we hope you enjoy this upgrade!