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12/20/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Watchlist Parameter for Scanners and Checklists

Hello Everyone, and thank you for reading this post about the latest software update to the TrendSpider platform. This update brings a new level of flexibility to the platform. Details after the jump!

Today, we introduce a new operator that can be used in Scripts in some situations, such as the Market Scanner and the Smart Checklist. This parameter allows you to check if the symbol you are looking at is within a watchlist or not.

Watchlist Parameter for Scanners and Checklists in TrendSpider.

For example, you may be interested in finding stocks in the Russell 2000 that fit the following criteria:

  • Hammer formed on the Daily chart
  • RSI is currently oversold below 30
  • There has been a recent analyst upgrade in last 30 days
  • The stock has become popular on Wall Street Bets within last 30 days with a positive sentiment

In order to do this before, you would have to work backwards by getting a list of symbols that are popular on r/wallstreetbets, and then running a scan against a watchlist of the remaining stocks for the technical criteria and analyst criteria.

Now, after this update, all of this can be done in a single scan using the conditions pictured in the image below:

TrendSpider scan including watchlist.

This is also very powerful when used in the Smart Checklist. For example, if you wish to know if a name is popular on Wall Street Bets recently, you can create a Smart Checklist to tell you for each symbol as you browse your watch list.

In the below example, we create a Smart Checklist to check and see if the symbol we are watching is listed in any of the Smart Watchlists for Wall Street Bets. The left is an example of how the configuration for the Smart Checklist script looks, and the right is an example of what the output looks like.

Note: we are using Wall Street Bets watch lists here as an example, but ANY watch list will work – including other system Smart Watchlist for Trading Halts or other social sentiment lists and your own custom watchlists. It is very flexible by design.

Example configuration:

Smart Checklists including Watchlists in TrendSpider.

Example results:

Example results of Smart Checklists including Watchlists in TrendSpider.

We have also released the above example into your account and you can use it in a Smart Checklist right away. Just search for “Wall Street Bets Smart Checklist” when selecting a script for your Smart Checklist.