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08/26/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: TrendSpider Mobile 1.0.3 Release for Android and iOS

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to bring you the first full Maintenance and Bug Fix Release to the all-new TrendSpider Mobile apps. This update contains a wide range of bug fixes and improvements designed to make your experience better and set the app up for future updates. Details below the fold.

TrendSpider Mobile 1.0.3 Release Change Log


  • We have fixed a bug that prevented Multi-Timeframe Analysis from working properly on the mobile app. You can now seamlessly blend data from two timeframes on your mobile device the same way that you do it on the web application.
  • We have fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to view your profile name after a fresh installation of the app.
  • We have corrected several typos and spelling errors in the application.
  • We have fixed an issue that made the “loading” stage of the app look strange for some users as well as added a new border to it to make it easier to view.
  • We have corrected an issue that caused the charts to double refresh in some instances and thus improved the loading time and fluidity of charting on the app.
  • We have improved the way the mobile app works when put into landscape mode.
  • We have made scrolling through long watch lists faster.


  • We have changed how push notifications work. Now, when you tap on a push notification, it will open the chart for the symbol that the alert was related to. Previously, it would simply open the Mobile app.
  • We have added a way to disable the secondary timeframe in Multi-Timeframe Analysis.
  • Watch lists will now appear in the same order (sorting) as they do on the web platform. Previously, they would be sorted alphabetically automatically on Mobile, but sorted in order of creation on the web platform.

In addition to the items listed above, this update features many “under the hood” changes that are individually too small to mention here but are intended to set the applications up for the future.

TrendSpider Mobile app fixes and improvements.