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11/03/2021 |

TrendSpider Software Update: Strategy Tester Enhancements

Hello, and welcome to another TrendSpider Software Update. In this post, we highlight a change we have made to the TrendSpider Strategy Tester to make your backtesting experience simpler and more fluid.

TrendSpider Strategy Tester Enhancements: Automatically Paint Entry and Exit Signals on Chart.

We have updated how the TrendSpider Strategy Tester paints trade markers on your charts.

How the Strategy Tester Used to Work

Previously, in order to view the entry and exit signals on your chart along with price action, you would have to click on the Trades menu, and then click on the option to paint markers on the chart.

How the Strategy Tester Works Now

  • This functionality has now been moved to an automated drawing that can be found in your Chart Legend when the Strategy Tester is open on your screen.
  • When you run a backtest, it will automatically paint the entry and exit markers on your screen along with the backtest. They will always match the most recent results from the most recent run.
  • You may hide the entry and exit markers by unchecking this option in the Chart Legend.
  • If you run the backtest again, and the results change, you will no longer need to remember to clear the old markers from your screen.
  • We have also upgraded how the Price Behavior Explorer chart works when it appears on your screen after a backtest. This happens when the backtest ends because the price history has ended (we are in the present) but there is an open position still. Previously, to customize the Price Behavior Explorer projection chart that is displayed, you would have to right click on it and edit it as a drawing. Now, the Price Behavior Explorer chart that is printed on the price action will mirror the one in the strategy tester. To hide or show data points, just select or unselect them in your chart key for the Price Behavior Explorer chart in the Strategy Tester results.

Additional Notes

This release also introduces a new way for managing the visibility of lines for your on-chart Price Behavior Explorer.

Previously, you had to edit its properties just like an ordinary annotation. Now, the Price Behavior Explorer’s properties are synchronized with the Price Behavior Explorer chart in the backtester.

Price behavior explorer in TrendSpider.

For example, if you want your on-chart PBE displaying only “mean and median only”, then you may hide all the other series in the in-backtester PBE and your on-chart PBE will catch up automatically.

Execution marks previously were regarded as Annotations, which means that the visibility of the Drawings item in the chart key did affect the marks. This is no longer the case, you are now going to have a new item in your chart key (Current strategy) for this purpose.